Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Pfitz training cycle is nearly complete!

If you count this last of five marathon recovery weeks, that is. Then, it's right back on that hamster wheel again!

Until then, I've got a few more free-wheeling days left. I'm going to do something I haven't done in a LONG time, and race a 5K tomorrow. Actually race myself to try to bring down my PR, set way back in March. Every other 5K since then except for one involved pacing either my nine or six year old at various local races. I don't often get to enter that exquisite world of hurt that is pushing yourself to your 5K limit.

Of course, living in the land of 360 days of sunshine a year, we've got rain, snow and overcast skies in the forecast. I'll ponder a bit how badly I'd like to have a chance to win a free running skirt in a drawing for submitting a turkey trot photo th, racing in a skirt, and then head off to join the other locals trying to offset all the eating that will take place later in the day. Whether I crash and burn or race well tomorrow, I've decided to go balls to the wall, and not the slightly restrained tune-up racing done in a Pfitzinger marathon training cycle. In the words of BQ gal Nat Nat, you have to run a 5K on the vomit ledge.


SimonSays said...

Well? How did it go? Did you reach the vomit ledge? (Love that, BTW!)

TiredMamaRunning said...

Well, the changed the course up a LOT! It wasn't a road/paved surface race this time, it was cross country! I did what I could and nearly matched my PR so I'm happy with that on a course with a muddy/rolling/single track middle mile. First mile was vomit ledge but I just couldn't hang on to that pace.

I might blog about it later and show a few photos.