Thursday, November 13, 2008

The party's over.....

And it feels good!

There's only so much eating nonstop and indulging every food craving, including the infamous Sonic Tour of 2008 (sorry, Facebook friends), that a girl can do while doing a handful of recovery runs in the first two weeks following a marathon. I packed on somewhere in the area of 5-7 pounds in that short time, which I'm not freaking over. It's time, though, to get back to my regular programming, eat my normal stuff, and get back into regular runs.

I started today with my first GA run since the marathon, and it wound up being my best run since the marathon, feeling better than all of the dead legs recovery runs during the prior two weeks. When I got to the strideouts at the end of the run, I realized that it's the first run I've been able to enjoy from beginning to end since the race. It's a great feeling to be back! Even better is the fact that I can get outdoors for Saturday's nine-miler and off the treadmill, since my fabulous husband isn't going anywhere this weekend, and can get the kids up and ready while I'm out.

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Ronster said...


I'm happy to hear that you're getting your fresh legs back. So many people underestimate the recovery time for a marathon and get injured.
You'll be back at peak condition very quickly, so it's good that you've enjoyed the recovery.