Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's A New Dawn, It's a New Day

Yes, Virginia, there IS still a blog here.

There are many ups and downs in life; same thing with the running, racing, and training. I had a few excellent races following the last entry here a few months ago but kind of kept the full story with each race to myself. Each was a uniquely personal experience, and I suppose that after breaking down boundaries and working myself harder than ever with good payoffs, I didn't have much left to blog. They were just extremely gratifying after my Imogene experience, and I'm starting to see that not as a terrible fail but a chance to look at what I needed to change, and what I could do to improve things.

Now that we're in a new year, and I know it's time to return to blogging again. I have some big things on the horizon-races that some might say I shouldn't or couldn't do, or that if I do, should not have the big lofty goals attached that swim in the back of my head. It's okay-I don't listen to those naysayers anyway. There are a lot of question marks in my life these days but I intend to put an exclamation point on everything I do in 2011, for better or for worse.