Monday, January 19, 2009

Temptation, Frustration

Mostly frustration. We were supposed to have one of the best men from our wedding, who crashes at our place once a year on a return holiday trip from seeing family California to his Kansas farm, crashing at our place tonight. Oh, and going out with us to our favorite Mexican restaurant. It's the annual tradition. I was looking forward all day to a margarita and crab enchilada. As it turns out, he's stopping in Mexican Hat, Utah tonight (named for this ), so no tequila for me this evening.

My husband was also skiing in Crested Butte today (this is how we in Colorado typically celebrate the MLK holiday...sad but true), so of course all hell broke loose at home-I successfully removed sharpie from a bathroom toilet (go me!) with a combination of two passes with rubbing alcohol and one with toothpaste. My two-year-old Captain Calamity managed to give herself a bloody nose during nap (I'm still trying figure this one out....she sleeps in a crib-was Baby Fight Club taking place?). My oldest daughter had a friend come over for the day and of course they thought that "keep it down during nap" means dance around, slam doors, send your voices up two octaves, and make sure you wake up the younger kids early.

I'm tired and beat and really SHOULD try to knock out tomorrow's run tonight, since our buddy won't be here today-but I'm truly whupped and can't see it being a good twelve miles. I never blow stuff off but I say to hell with it tonight. I'm going to be bad and eat pizza, watch TV, and not run. I'm thinking that since my schedule was turned totally upside-down today, they can all wait a few extra minutes tomorrow evening for me to finish my run before heading out for enchiladas and margaritas.

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gotta be flexible with the training schedule ( ;