Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Great Run? Not so much.

I think my body's trying to get sick. I hate this feeling.

Monday was another Pfitz lactate threshold run. I can't believe it but I am finally getting over my mental block with the LT run. I did not think about it during the day or stress it-it was just something to do later. During my first Pfitz cycle, I struggled to knock out the miles on LT runs at PW (personal worst) half marathon pace in the beginning of training, and didn't get much better for the duration of training. Now, I am darn close to what would be my 15K race pace (fast end of how this run should be done) and it's comparatively MUCH easier than six months ago. The LT miles were 8:06, 8:06, 8:00, 8:00, 7:53, and the first two required NO self-talk or motivation. Then, at two miles in to the LT miles, it becomes easier to say hey, I'm almost halfway there and don't do another one of these runs for two weeks. Bring the pain!

I was tired for my recovery miles on Tuesday. This is typical now with my "fast and hard runs faster and harder, easy days slower and easier" strategy but I've been tacking on extra miles to the easy runs and just did not have it in me to do this on Tuesday. Wednesday was supposed to be 11 general aerobic miles. I thought I would add one for 12 total but this was not to be today. I felt craptacular from beginning to end and couldn't even salvage things by dialing down the pace. In fact, that felt worse. I was chilled and achy for the rest of the night (even my arms were sore...what's up with that? I felt like I'd been running on my hands). My stomach hurt. Meh.

It's ballet night, so hopefully the night of strength and flexibility training with the cardio break will give me a day to get myself feeling better. It's a big ballet night for my oldest daughter, too. She's been added into a class that's up a level from what she's been taking, and is now one of the two youngest by several years in the class. I'm anxious for her to see how she handles the class but I am sure she will do just fine.

Her middle sister started out the week not so great, with a somewhat surprising report card in some areas, and some stuff I would have liked to have known about at school before it got to this point. Their school and teachers kick butt and frankly, both my husband and I were surprised that this was the first time we were hearing about some things.

We met with her teachers within 48 hours of getting that report card, though, have a plan of action, and it's amazing what a difference a few days has made (and her knowledge that mom, dad, and teachers are keeping closer tabs on her). She's in the normal spectrum of kid behavior BUT brushes the edges of having attention and concentration issues at times. Physical activity has always been a GREAT outlet for her, so we have already told her that we'll add her into one more dance class and talk about a spring 5K if the next two weeks continue to be a marked improvement behaviorally and academically. She's one of those kids who is extremely motivated by carrot dangling, so we're going to go with that.


Oz Runner said...

don't overdo it on the training...listen to your body...chilled and achy sounds like it needs some rest...

on the Biggest Loser, I had never thought that Tara could be just playing a game and strategizing, she just seems to have the right attitude and heart to be there...but, you could be right, we'll have to watch and see....

Mir said...

I was sorry to hear you're not feeling well. HUG. Hope you're feeling better soon.

TiredMamaRunning said...

Oz, maybe I'm nuts, and of course they've made an obvious point of showing us in the past when deliberate weight gain or throwing of the contest has taken place.
Something seemed a little off with that, though-and she seems more competitive than others to me.

Mir, thanks woman! I had a much better run tonight (I guess everything feels better after a crummy run?) And GO YOU!!!! on the Fdip blog mention! You're going to inspire many more people beyond those of us who "know" you from the running forums. :)