Thursday, July 23, 2009

Got $3000 Burning A Hole In Your Pocket?

Yeah, that's what I thought-same here. But, you must admit-this would be pretty cool. We've made Deena's avocado enchiladas several times (you can see her make them in the "extras" on the Spirit of the Marathon DVD), and even my kid who fears green food digs them.


L.A. Runner said...

Wow! I wonder who's getting the cash off this dinner. I guess that shows how much people value Deena! If I had the cash, I'd be bidding, too. I've made her enchiladas before, and they are very good.

TiredMamaRunning said...

LAR, looks like it goes to the NYRR Youth Services division...and that they do stuff in under-served areas of both NYC and South Africa.

That would be awesome to be able to bid-hopefully there will be photos or a follow-up somewhere on the winning bidder's experience!