Friday, July 17, 2009

Everybody's Working For The Weekend

Children of the 70's and 80' can thank me later for planting that little ditty in your head.

It's been a busy week, but this is a good thing. We've been holding our breath about my husband's job for many months, and it's not time to exhale, but his industry's trickle of work has continued, with the scope of a few projects they are handling actually expanding a bit over the past couple of weeks. It doesn't mean things cannot get worse, but we're chalking this up in the "little things going right" column for now. If things continue to go on like this, we're hopeful that the office can return to working 40-hour weeks. If not, we are not taking for granted that underemployment beats unemployment with a stick any day of the year.

I'd be lying if I said we weren't stressed over it at all, or have considered what could happen if the tables turned to the many what-if's of lots of little things starting to go wrong. Still, I think we have both been trying to shut off the negative thinking as much as we can, count our blessings, and try to blow off steam in healthy ways, like when he gets out the mountain bike for an early ride with the guys, or when I pound my way through these short, hard races I've been doing lately.

At my end of things, although I'm pretty much working for peanuts, it feels good to be busy and making the most of the factors I can control. Our dance studio has also been great about throwing us odd jobs when we asked for additional stuff to do besides the cleaning we already do as part of a work-in-trade arrangement, and it's cool because the kids actually seem to be taking pride in making the place look clean and pretty.

I've also been missing my oldest daughter terribly. She is visiting her grandparents this week, and is having a blast, but we've never been away from her for this long so it's hard. Just a few more days, and then she'll be back. On the upside, it means my middle daughter and I have gotten a lot of extra one-on-one time when we normally have a number of "Mom and The Big Girls" stuff with her big sister. We also get to have a little mom/daughter date tomorrow to watch some of the dancers from the studio performing in a show along with the small opera company in our city. The opera blocked out a bunch of seats for any students and families from our studio, so we sure aren't going to turn down free tickets to anything! I've never been to anything like this, so it ought to be interesting. This kiddo somehow got a recessive singing gene (her parents sure can't sing a note) so I think she's really going to enjoy it-it's a comedic opera, nothing too deep and serious.

Oh, and running! I'm still doing that as well (sorry for dumping so much non-running content into this entry, but it needed to find its way out). I will take a break from racing this weekend, so that means I'll actually do a Saturday long run and get to take my Sunday off. I'm unofficially in training for my fall marathon now, but am going to kind of twist the Pfitz 18/55 plan I've done twice now into sort of a 14/65, with an extended base-building period taking place now which also includes a weekly hilly trail run with a group of ladies as part of my own version of Pete's plan. I won't say that I love the sound of the alarm at 4:45 a.m. on Mondays, but I am loving the sights and sounds (or lack thereof) of early morning trail runs, and it's so nice to be finished with the run early in the day. My new strategy on afternoon treadmill running days is "run faster if you don't want to be stuck on the treadmill," and so far, so good with that idea. We will see in another week how that plays out when I go back to the races for a 10K.

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