Monday, February 9, 2009

Still Ill

Well, I'm not feeling 100%, that's for sure. I still sound like that psychic Sylvia Browne, but I've been doing the ol' Vitamin C bomb, Emergen-C, and feel like I'm starting to get better. I don't care if they claim there's no science behind it, or that it doesn't work. I used it the last two times I felt a cold or some mucky virus coming on, and was able to fully recover on my own each time without reaching the point of infection and needing antibiotics. My fabulous husband also let me sleep until I was ready to wake up on Saturday and Sunday (almost 9 a.m. in both cases...unheard of for me!). Between resting, vitamins, and trying to take it as easy as possible (yeah, right), I hope that I'm ready tomorrow night for the big Pfitz 12 mile with seven at tempo run.

There have been a few debates regarding the merits of doing this run-or lack thereof-but like everything else, I think it's somewhat of an individual issue. I used to be scared to death of Pete's lactate threshold runs, but have kind of taking the bull by the horns this second time around. I think that getting through it will do wonders for my confidence for the marathon, and will be bummed if I wind up feeling too sick for this workout. I'm going to do a nice easy recovery run tonight, and we'll see where things stand tomorrow.

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Black Bear! said...

Great job getting that LT out of the way! I hope your cold thing goes away. Have you tried this zicam. If you were at RNR AZ, they were giving away cases of it!