Thursday, February 26, 2009

And now, for something completely different....

Yeah, so sometimes I do one blog entry a week, and now I'm going to do two in one day. To be fair, this one is just going to be a few quick photos of my younger kiddos at last Saturday's race-and I didn't want to put them in the Dane entry.

This is a cool sculpture in front of the civic center...and they don't discourage you from getting up there to enjoy the bike.

Here's an amusing one of me...or a third of me. Our camera seems to have been possessed for the past several months, and works on its own time as far as the amount of time between clicking to take the picture, and the photograph actually being taken. There's an amusing one of me back in November at the turkey trot where I appear to be smacking my head against a brick wall, trying to escape the shot...well, this time, I look like I couldn't quite get there in time:

I'm easily entertained, and it makes me chuckle, so that's one more opportunity to laugh at/with me.

Okay, that's officially it for the day. I'm tired, and have some sinus stuff going on, so I am not going to think or do anything running related again until Saturday at around 11 a.m.

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L.A. Runner said...

Your kids are precious! I enjoyed the pics.