Sunday, December 28, 2008

Just a Quickie

I love my new OxySox. I've never recovered so quickly from a long run. Yesterday I ran a good 16-miler on my treadmill, which is both the longest distance and time I've ever spent on a treadmill. My "normal" is that I am extremely sore for 24-48 hours following a long run-I just tend to be slower than some with recovery time. My achiness following yesterday's run was no more than moderate, or about how I might feel following a shorter midweek run.

Sure, it was on the mill of dread, but I've had some harder or medium-long type runs that have left me much more sore than I have felt this weekend. I'm sold on these puppies and plan to wear them for the marathon-even if I do look like the roller derby queen while wearing them.

Today was a rest day on my training schedule, but between the holiday mileage challenge and feeling the best I've ever felt the morning after a long run, I opted for a six mile recovery run today. That makes seven days in a row of running (three of the runs were easy recoveries) and I do believe this is the strongest and best I've felt in a long time. Hopefully, this will continue straight through to April 11, 2009!


chasing dreams said...

I started wearing OxySox about 6 weeks ago...I live in FL, so they look even more geeky...but I love them too! Are you putting your legs up for 5-10 minutes before putting them on? It sounds weird but it works! One of my training partners mentioned an article she read about wearing them to bed so that Friday I put my legs up, put on my sox, slept in them and wore them the next morning for a 5K...I ran a PR by 28 seconds! Definitely wearing them to bed the night before the Disney marathon!

TiredMamaRunning said...

Hey there chasing dreams....I am not putting my legs up but I will try that-thank you! I don't care how weird something looks or feels if it diminishes cramping, helps with recovery and improves performance. I just ran my long run for the week but I will try putting my legs up before my midweek medium-long run.