Saturday, December 13, 2008

All We Are Is Dust In The Wind

Oh man-that wind sure blew me this way and that today! This is probably a good thing, since it's not just a Kansas stereotype....there's a very real chance I could run my April marathon in gusting winds.

Today was a thirteen miler for me, and first medium long outdoor run of the winter in the "Spidey Tights," as my husband calls them. (I prefer to holler "honey.....WHERE is my SUPER SUIT?!?" when I wear them.) Those cw-x Stabilyx tights leave nothing to the imagination, but I don't care. They wrap and support muscles and joints as well as advertised, and I ran all last winter with nothing but typical minor aches and pains that all runners experience.

My pacing was really good on the middle miles and kind of dropped off in the final few miles, mostly due to those gusting winds. Overall, the run was probably still paced a little faster than my second week of marathon training for MCM, so I would say that I am on track to shoot for a 3:40 marathon goal by the end of this training cycle, even though I am not there today.

In other news, the Canyonlands lottery just closed, so in the next week we should hear if my oldest daughter, 9 years old, was drawn for the 5-miler. She ran this as one of two races last year beyond the 5K distance (the Bolder Boulder 10K being the other race), and had a lot of fun, along with scoring an age group placement. We divided and conquered last year (I ran the half marathon), but if she is drawn this year, we've already decided to run together this year. She saw how cool the Kokopelli trophies for age group winners last year were, and decided she wants as much help as possible from Mom with pacing to try to earn one this time around.


Oz Runner said...

I heard about your marathon attempt on my 7 mile run today through the Phedip podcast, and I had to come read "the rest of the story." Thanks for sharing, it was great to hear your thoughts during the race, and even though you barely missed BQ, you should be very proud of your effort and accomplishment.

Oz Runner said...

A fellow Wildcat! Cool. When did you guys graduate from K-State? I finished there in '92. Still have a lot of purple pride in me, though I'm not sure I'm excited about bringing Snyder back as coach....

TiredMamaRunning said...

Oz Runner, not sure if you will check here, or YOUR blog (I'll leave a comment there too, I think), but I graduated in December 96, and my husband in May 97.

I guess we'll have to wait and see on Coach Snyder! I feel bad about Prince getting the boot, but fact of the matter was that he couldn't recruit. (Wow, I'm a poet and didn't know it. :P )