Sunday, October 19, 2008


No, I'm not watching The Ring. It's officially seven days to race day!

I had a 12-mile yesterday that was a world of suckiness. I didn't want to get up early today to run it, but it was scheduled for today so I did it starting around 3:30 PM yesterday. I was tired before I started and really never got out of the rut. I'm going to apply the same school of thought, though, from the dance studio that bad dress rehearsal equals good show/performance.

I did hit the appropriate pace range for this run but really couldn't rise above it at all. This would've been a bad race for me if it had been marathon day. Oh wasn't my race day so it's all good and I'll just move forward from here.

Tomorrow's also a big day when I get to speak to the Girls on the Run Team girls. It's not one of the regular school programs-this is a dozen girls from all of the area schools who just love running, so I'm supposed to speak to them about whatever I feel like. I am an awful public speaker so hopefully they don't start throwing stuff at me. The funny thing here is that they normally meet at our municipal sports complex, and after making arrangements to meet them there on Monday, it was announced that Sarah Palin would be coming in to town (with Hank Williams Jr.) to speak. At the municipal sports complex. Same time. Same place. So, practice had to be moved to another area park because I don't think they'd appreciate us running circles around Mrs. Palin. I wouldn't make much of an example being tackled and carried off by Secret Service. ;)

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