Friday, October 17, 2008

Holy cow, it's time to count down, isn't it?

I will be approaching the finish of my marathon in exactly nine days! How did that happen?

My marathon shoes arrived yesterday....New Balance 1224's. I suddenly realized about a week ago that I had close to 300 miles on my older pair of 1223's, about 150 on the second pair, and just didn't feel like running in either pair for the marathon considering that I need to retire shoes somewhere a little over 300 miles. This seems to be a common symptom of taper become compelled to shop-often for running gear, but could be anything. I walked around in the shoes a bit and am pleased to find that the new version of the recently discontinued 1223's really does feel the same. I'll give them a go for my recovery run today on the treadmill, for my 12 miles on the river trail Sunday, and then they will go in the bag I'm carrying on the airplane with all of my race day essentials (NO way am I going to chance that stuff getting lost in baggage hell!).

I've also been keeping an eye on the 10 day weather forecast in a bit of an OCD fashion, and laughing a bit at the "feels like" part of the weather forecasts. I grew up in the DC metro area....but you just don't hear those words in any western Colorado weather forecast. We just don't have the humidity here to have any deviation between the actual temperature, and how it feels. Right now I'm doing weather dance for a little bit of humidity (not much though), cloudy skies (that make way to sunshine around noon), and a gradual progression from 45 at the race start, with a slow progression to 55 by the finish. That's not much for me to ask, right?

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