Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Pfitz 3 x 1600 VO2Max Workout

It's today. Somebody hold me.

My 4 x 1200's two weeks ago were TERRIBLE. As it turns out I just wasn't feeling great that week and was fighting a cold but still, I've done other challenging workouts at not quite 100% and didn't do them as pitifully as that one. I'm a bit scared for this one because we're now talking about 1600 meters at my 5K pace-THREE times. Nearly a 5K at 5K race pace in the middle of an 8 mile run. I'm almost thinking that I want to start the intervals earlier in the run so I'm more fresh for them but I am not sure it's going to make a huge difference-these longer intervals are clearly the ones where I need to improve the most.

This is really the last hard workout before the 2008 Marine Corps Marathon for me, so I just want to end on a good note. So, in the immortal words of Gloria Gaynor, I will survive. I'm just going to make myself get all the way through them, one way or the other, then begin focusing on strategies to make it from the Denver International airport to Washington-Dulles without being asked to never again fly the friendly skies with my family.


Ovens2Betsy said...

So -- did you do them, or did you stick with the 1200s?

TiredMamaRunning said...

Betsy, I wound up doing 1200's (four of 'em) after thinking about it for a bit and chatting with some of the RWOL BQ gals. Consensus seemed to be that there was no greater physical benefit to the 3 x 1600's, really only psychological (possibly). Since I mucked it up on the first try at the 1200's, I feel really good that I did the 1200's and got them right this time.