Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My chiropractor rules...and other progress since yesterday

I swear, it's just making me want to jump out of my skin to be on my third unscheduled rest day. I seem to be getting the intended result, though....no IT band pain in day to day activity, and a cautiously optimistic outlook about returning to running in a few days. This is good...I've literally been feeling sick to my stomach thinking about my dream of trying to BQ in October possibly going down the drain.

I saw my chiropractor yesterday, and I think that indirectly helped a great deal. Unlike other chiros I've seen who seem to always want to sell you on regular adjustments, he has only recommended multiple treatments once-when I first came in after several years since my last chiro visit. Otherwise, he's not in the business of selling, and leaves it to me to come in when I feel I need it.

Anyway...I started with that awesome, awesome electrotherapy before my adjustment. Definitely THE best part of the visit. AHHHHHH. Then in for my regular adjustment, and this morning I definitely feel less bunged up than I was. Though he's not a PT, my chiro's supportive of my running and has always given pretty rock solid advice, and he was digging my foam roller/stretching therapy, and recommended waiting until Thursday for an easy run. I was antsy to get out there earlier, but I think he's probably right.

So, all in all, I'm very hopeful that Thursday goes well. I'm planning to trail run on the Tabeguache....my "usual" 4.25 mile loop. Of any type of running, trail surfaces should be the kindest to my body, and it's just beautiful up there. I'll take it slow, enjoy the view and stop to walk if needed. No sense being stubborn and putting myself out of the game for months!


Mom2Xan said...

Be kind to your body, mama! I'm glad you're feeling better. A good chiro is worth their weight in gold, aren't they? ((hugs))

TiredMamaRunning said...

Thanks Laura! And yes, I love having a chiro with the magic touch!