Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cautiously Optimistic

It's a good day! Woohoo!

I was supposed to trail run this morning, but Frank had scheduled an early mountain bike ride so I decided to head to the gym to treadmill run a few easy miles last night instead. As much as the treadmill bores me to tears, it has a couple of, it doesn't punish my body and has a bit of spring to it. Two, I can set it for very specific training paces, stop as soon as I'm done with my needed distance, cool down and go home. It was also a good option for calling it quits if the workout wound up being a painful disaster. On the trails, once I'm up there...I'm up there.

I started my run last night with the gym pretty empty, and immediately had dull pain and achiness on the outside of my knee. My heart sank and I really thought this was a worst case scenario...pain with every run, and no ability to train safely for a marathon. I made myself chill, though, and give it a few minutes, hoping this was just rusty legs after my longest period of rest from running since thyroid surgery.

As I kept going, the latter turned out to be the case. Yippee! The dull pain faded and I went for 5 miles at my easy pace. In the back of my head I had that "just one or two more miles" voice whispering to me...but this wound up being the little scare with the IT band that made me stick to a maximum of 5 miles today.

The only soreness I felt after was the area where I've been using the foam roller-and I think that's good-sore, the kind that's come from never using a foam roller in my life and suddenly using it three times a day to stretch and lengthen the IT band. I'm not kidding myself into thinking that I never have to worry about it again and have been encouraged to use the roller after workout, whether I'm having pain or not. That said, I feel VERY lucky and happy today to be able to run again. The next big test will be seeing how the body holds up at the Slacker Half next weekend.


Ronster said...

Hi Kazz,

I've had ITBS as well and never used a roller, though I should. The treadmill is dull and torturous, but it IS easy on the legs. I go 50/50 when fighting an injury, and the results are usually good.
If you don't mind, I'll add yours to my blog list. You're a fine stay healthy!!!

TiredMamaRunning said...

I don't mind at all! I added you to mine as well.

The roller is freaking awesome. Feels like you're being tortured at first, but now I'm really at the point where others said I might be when it feels more like a deep tissue massage and not abuse. :P I'd highly recommend it!