Monday, June 16, 2008


Well, I think I'm battling the beginning of IT band syndrome. GAH. And I've had such a great 18 months of injury free running.

I'm trying to be smart about it, not living in denial, trying to run through pain or push myself into serious long term injury. After ending my run Saturday with actual pain between my right hip and outer part of right knee, I wound up taking an unscheduled rest day on Sunday, and will take one today as well. I was instructed by several runners who have suffered from ITBS to get thee to the store for a foam roller, and religiously roll several times a day for a few minutes at a time on it between the knee and hip. So, I was at Target bright and early for one.

The GOOD news there is that the thing really does work-it was exquisite pain the first time I rolled on it. It hurt a little less the next two times, and my first time rolling on it this morning. I'm also icing the heck out of that area, and ordered an ITB strap. I've heard that the strap is a mixed bag but I figure it cannot we'll give it a try.

I HATE the thought of taking time off from running...especially two weeks before my next half. I've watched plenty of other runners, though, get out there before they should, and they get hurt for the long term. As much as I hate have to sit and baby the knee, that's what I'm going to do. I want to be healthy for Imogene in September...and healthy for MCM in October.

In other awesome news, our homebuyer backed out at the last second and we're wishing a pox upon her family. Okay, not really. It thoroughly pisses me off, though. She sounds like quite the head case. I will laugh if she winds up paying more for another house with actual foundation issues, and not our standard GJ house built on crappy soils with minimal settling and no damage. Frank's talking semi-seriously about going to REI for a job application-it just BLOWS that we're still covering two mortgages and these buyers are playing such head games with sellers now.

Oh was bad, tomorrow will be better, right?

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