Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Where I Run Wednesday

I can't say if I'll make this a recurring theme, but we'll try it out this week. I invite fellow runners to post your photos and video links here of your local running haunts-that shared enthusiasm for cool running routes is part of what unites us as a community.

This is the Tabeguache Trail, just minutes from my front door. It's part of what is known as the "Lunch Loop" area, and as the name suggests, is popular with mountain bikers and others who like to come out for a little play at lunchtime. In the summer, the parking lot/staging area is like a three ring circus in the evening, with groups of people gathering for beverages and conversation after enjoying time on the trail.

The video was initially taken on my iPod for one of my cousins (originally from Michigan) to show that we've actually got an entirely different season occurring down in town, below the area where I skiied last week.

The wind seems to appear wherever I run lately...this is just a few minutes later.

It's a beautiful place, so close to civilization distance-wise with the feel of being a million miles away once one has run, hiked or mountain biked just a few minutes out on the trail.

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Elizabeth said...

That's so beautiful!