Wednesday, March 23, 2011

More Sights and Sounds From the 2011 Canyonlands Half Marathon

My actual race was covered ad nauseum a few days ago, so fear not, there will be no deep contemplation or navel gazing here today. This is sort of my behind-the-scenes edition of the race. It includes classic bits like "Karah and Ilana bitch about the wind," and other great extras like Neon Man, and flopping on the grass to talk about the wind some more post-race.

This is perhaps the best audio of the wind as Ilana and I left the Gonzo. I was showing her the video camera on my itty bitty iPod that I've been having way too much fun with lately.

(Yep, 'tis true what they say about denial.)

Later on, I let the camera roll again while surveying the scene from above, perched on a rock. I find the sound of the theme to Rocky echoing down the canyon delightfully bizarre. I was having trouble stopping the video with my gloved butterfingers-I beg for a little bit of slack as I am not a professional videographer...just a runner girl who likes to remember this stuff later.

Now we're moving along with the masses to the starting line, reflecting on the awesomeness of our walking pace, and talking about that stink blowing up the canyon. Again. Man, I almost got it right with holding the iPod in the correct direction every time. Sorry guys. Consider this the poor man's chiropractic adjustment as you turn your head 90 degrees to the left. You can kind of see here how this is a nice bombs-away variety first mile of the race.

Another thing I've always found peculiar at races is the whole costume thing. That just seems like an added factor I don't want to deal with on race day-whether or not my wig is attached to my head, or if my tutu is properly adjusted. There's even a guy who runs from the A Wave (the fastest of the seeded waves) at the Bolder Boulder every year in a gorilla suit. I have a tough enough time on that course when it's just me in my shorts or skirt, and running shoes. I did really like this guy, though. The 1980's neon really goes with the canyon walls-and why have a boring black camera when electric lime green is an option? (He's wearing "my" socks, by the way, and I did see more of them on the course in one day than the sum of pink socks combined at all my other races.)

There was some more general milling around pre-race as well. I kind of like the nervous/excited energy from many of the runners. Taper madness has hit a fevered pitch.

One more from up on the rocks:

There were also the good times of being supreme beings of leisure after making it down the canyon and up the highway into town-lots of relaxed, relieved smiles, no matter how great or awful each runner's individual performance happened to be. After being on your feet for two hours with the heart rate way up, the grass felt pretty good. You know those age group medals Kevin and Ilana are sporting have to be horribly heavy.

This lady, Paige, was running right behind me for a majority of the race. She came up to me afterward and asked if I'd like to get a picture together to submit to the Running Skirts Facebook page. I really like our "consistently clashing" look with both of us sporting compression socks and Newton racing shoes along with our skirts. Guess I can't really say much about Neon Man, can I?

All in all, this weekend really felt like the point in time that marked the arrival of spring, and breeze aside, it sure was nice to take it in in such a beautiful place.


Rachelle Wardle said...

I love your video footage and all of your awesome pictures. I was way nervous to take my camera up but now I am totally regretting it. Even though I sucked the race up it really was a fun experience.

P.S. the guy with the pink afro totally passed me. Dang it!

MoabUtah said...

It was great to have you in Moab for the race. May the miles be gentle to your knees and your time essentially promising. It was windy and very challenging 2011. May I repost your blog and some pictures? And link them back to your post?

TiredMamaRunning said...

Absolutely, MoabUtah! BTW, I will be back there again in a few hours for the 24 Hours running relay. I <3 Moab.