Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bolder Boulder Time!

So, here I sit after a wild afternoon at Bananas Fun Park with the kids, where we had Kaia's delayed family birthday bash. The weather was cool and overcast and most people are out of town for the holidays, which made for a truly delightful time (read: kids totally tuckered themselves out having fun and have no energy left for mayhem and debauchery this afternoon). It's quiet now, but tonight we'll be packing the car and getting ready to hit the road for Boulder tomorrow morning!

Alexis and I will be participating for the first time. For a mom and daughter who have run local races with less than 50 participants, it's just a minor step up to the second largest road race in the country.....right? It'll be a little intimidating trying to find our way around, but overall I think it'll be a really fun event. I had a qualifying time that would have allowed me to run the C wave, but truth be told, I'm a little relieved that there's not pressure to perform in a crowded field since I'll actually be pacing Alexis in the F wave. It'll be a great wave for her...she has gotten faster since we initially submitted her qualifying time so there will be no pressure to perform, or move out of the way for fear of being clobbered by faster runners.

I hope to report back in a few days that we had a good race, and that Alexis makes her goal time (finishing under an hour....the "F" wave is for runners with a predicted finish between 1:00-1:01). If not, no big whoop but she's been doing such a great job of setting seemingly lofty race goals that she seems to squeak in just under each and every time-so mama will not shirk her duty as official pacer!

I'm also incredibly excited to have the opportunity to watch Deena Kastor in the elite race following the citizen race. She gives a great name to American running, and it'll be a treat to see who could be the women's Olympic marathon gold medalist blazing in to Folsom Field, live and in person. I'll have the camera ready, but I'm sure she'll be too fast for me to get a decent shot!

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