Friday, October 14, 2011

Every Day Is Like Sunday

It's certainly not going to be silent and gray, but I am SO excited to trudge back over pebbles and sand around Moab before showing up at the starting line at the site of the historic Dewey Bridge.

It's Other Half weekend, and the pre-race scramble and taper madness have begun. This marks run #4 at the race for me (every year but 2008, when I ran my first marathon on the weekend following the scheduled race day). My friends have heard me talk ad nauseum about this race, but there's just no arguing that there's a little something special about this race. It's not a "flat and fast" course by definition. Something about that, along with the beauty of the course, really frees one up to run free, and with enjoyment and inspiration.

Enough of the deep thinking, meditative stuff, though...never have I seen a race medal quite like the one being offered at the finish of The Other Half this year. Typically, my party line on finisher race medals have been very neutral; I'd rather have a well-organized race first and foremost. Give me the ability to open things, and create the race medal equivalent of a multi-tool, though, and we're now we're talking. Aron Ralston may have been able to free himself in less than 127 Hours, AND enjoyed a refreshing beverage, with this. (Okay, I'm totally kidding, but this is a sweet medal.)


Jen said...

I think the medal is cute! :) Is cute the right word to use for a race meal. Have a great time!

Elizabeth said...

I agree that a good metal isn't all that important but an awesome metal can really pump you up! The Shamrock medal is a bottle opener!