Friday, July 15, 2011

Photo Friday

I don't have much to say these days other than this was one of the most unbelievably surreal and stressful weeks of my life that was made better and less stressful by some good running, among other things. I still need to find a smaller camera to take ON the run (and fabulous purple iPod has gone missing. BOO.), but did bring the big camera for a few shots following my run today under the light of a full moon. These were taken at the Tabeguache Trailhead, just minutes from my home, after running with Laura, my most regular and consistent of year-round running partners.

Remember, I'm not a photographer. I am a runner who likes to take pictures sometimes. ;) This is just a representation of why, in part, there are quite a few of us who endure that 4 or 5 o'clock alarm. You can't quite fully appreciate the view driving past, or see such colors later in the morning.


William said...

Wonderful photos. I am in the hunt of a small camera for running, but my blackberry does an ok job for now. Need more crisp photos, but don't feel like spending an arm and a leg.

Teamarcia said...

Sorry about the stressful week and the missing iPod. Lovely pics!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Very cool pictures. Thanks for sharing.