Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Photos From Boston

I had genuine intentions to upload some more photos from the whirlwind Boston weekend within a few days of my initial race report. Oops. I'm true to form, though, and a little over two weeks late. These are just various shots from the race itself, as well as hanging out with the husband and fellow runner friends. Enjoy!

They have bars and pubs in Boston?!? Who Knew?

Some of The BQ Babes Plus Dave At Beerworks

My not-a-medal from Dave McGillivray. He asked for a show of hands from the first-timers, and randomly called on me to head out of the ballroom with his course manager guy, only to have me walk/jog back into the room to simulate what finishing Boston will feel like on the big day. The rest of the people in the course preview seminar were pretending to be Boston fans going wild. I was a little embarrassed but hey-I got a not-a-medal from the race director himself!
But wait...there was more than just beer drinking and fake medals.

Ilana and I getting ready to board the buses to Hopkinton.

And they're off! Or...more like-almost finished. These shots were taken by my husband at the right turn onto Hereford (of "Right On Hereford, Left on Boylston" fame. This is part of the last mile on the course). Here comes your elite women's winner:

And not more than a few seconds back, your second place woman. The finish was one of the closest ever. I watched video and it was one of those ugly-running, heart-on-your-sleeve slugfests to see who could fight harder and get there first.

And here comes the lead truck running the time for what would be the fastest finish time ever recorded on the Boston course-2:05 and change. It just blows my mind as a midpacker who was pretty well spent with a 3:37 run.

Followed by Robert K Cheruiyot, your men's champ and new course recordholder.

There were three American men in the top ten, including Ryan Hall in fourth.
I wanted to upload a great photo taken of Meb Keflezghi in fifth, but I'm getting a "corrupted file" message. I'll have to troubleshoot that one and save it for a future blog just because he's the dude I cheer for more than any other runner.

And, finally-I wasn't able to grab it in the larger size (which is would have said PROOF in giant letters across it anyway), but this is the Tired Mama Hula Dancing shot captured by Marathonfoto as I rounded that corner onto Hereford. I spotted my husband, and friend Judy with signs, and this was the last shot of my wave in their general direction.

Believe it or not, I'm scouting around for Boston 2011 lodging. Yep-putting it out there! I'm going back for the unfinished business of slaying the 3:30 Boston dragon. Just a little less than eight minutes to go.


DogPound said...

I'm so glad you're coming back to Boston! Maybe by then I'll be creeping up on the 3:30 as well (ok, that is SUCH a long shot).

MCM Mama said...

LOVE that last picture! It's awesome!

Good luck with your 3:30 goal next year!

ilanarama said...

I love the pictures of you and Frank drinking!

Elizabeth said...

Great photos! No fair you guys went to a restaurant with zebra tables without me.

elizabethnyc said...

great pix, Kazz!