Monday, April 12, 2010

Things I Haven't Done To Avoid Taper Madness

I haven't taken one of my children go-karting recently as a fun, relaxing thing to do in order to unwind and chill out. I did not drive the tangents and try to race that one teenaged boy whose go-kart I just couldn't quite get around. Oh, and my son didn't think it was awesome or anything.

I haven't played the Time Machine Race Results game where I watch the results come in for last weekend's Eisenhower Marathon, where I ran my BQ, to see how I'd place this year based on my current running and recent race results. Nope, haven't been to that website or anything.

I haven't been to the RWOL pace and finish time calculator to plug in a variety of different paces that could be possible on race day to remind myself what I need for a BQ, for a PR, or for that stretch 3:30 goal. And I totally don't know that I need to average 8:00 miles for that.

I haven't read all the Facebook updates about final long runs, marathon pace miles, packing, outfits, hydration systems, forum encounters or anything like that.

I didn't get interested or excited at all listening to the State of the Course podcast on Phedippidations.

I have not thought at all about what it might feel like to run on the marathon course where Kathrine Switzer paved the way for the record 11, 315 women running Boston this year, or how significant it is that a generation ago, people really believed that women couldn't run distances. Nope, nothing special at all about her story.

On that note, I'm also not on a mission to find her at the expo and hand-deliver a letter written by my middle daughter. She is NOT totally inspired by and obsessed with K.V. Switzer, doesn't know the '67 Boston story word for word, and doesn't ever say "hey, maybe I could run a marathon one day like K.V. Switzer."

I don't read weather forecasts. Heck, I don't know where to find the Weather Channel. Or Accuweather. Or Weather Underground. Or the National Weather Service. Or....nope. It's not worth mentioning any more of them. I haven't checked them out.

I'm not worried about getting all my flights out of Colorado. Our weather is always so dreamy in April. So predictable. Haven't checked out the flight schedules or local weather. Nopety-nope.

I know that above all, Boston's just another marathon. Nothing special. Just a run through a bunch of old streets in a bunch of cities and boroughs I've never visited. Nope, nothing to see here. Move along folks.


DogPound said...

+1 on Kathrine Switzer.
I've seriously thought about putting her number on my person some where for the day.

ExSoccerGuy said...

You almost had me convinced to skip Boston, since it's clearly the most over-hyped running event in the world. That said, as an avowed skeptic, I'll just have to find out for myself. ;-) Cheers, ESG/Ron

L.A. Runner said...

Add me to the K. Switzer fan club. Hello, could one woman be ANY more awesome??????? Like, I want to be her. Heck, if I could just meet her one day...

Back on topic- have a BLAST in Boston. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

SimonSays said...

K - you totally crack me up! I am so excited for you!!! I need your bib number so I can stalk, I mean track you next Monday. Not like I'll have my cell phone on illegally at work or anything like that. Nope! :)