Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wow, What a Craptacularly Bad Workout

It feels weird to be trumpeting to everyone that I had a terrible workout. Oh well. Might as well own up to it.

This was the 10 mile run on the Pfitz plan, four weeks to goal marathon, with the 4 by 1200 meter intervals at 5K race pace, with 2 minute jogs between. I am NOT making ANY excuses, but I did have a lousy night of sleep (or lack thereof) last night. I just couldn't fall asleep and was still looking at the clock at close to 1am, and remember getting up once or twice during the night. Still, I was positive this morning and looking forward to doing the intervals. After all, I've done intervals on this plan all the way up to 1000 meter intervals and got through them.

I felt tired before starting, and a little sick and tired once I started running. By the time I got to the intervals, I just felt crappy. I made it through three intervals at slightly slower than the prescribed 5K race pace. I suppose this is good because I was ready to quit the intervals after the first one, but made it through three of them.

I got to the last one, made it about 600 meters, and that was it. I felt like a big steaming pile of poop so I slowed to a jog for a few minutes and then finished out the run on a brisk pace, though nowhere close to 5K pace.

I know this is only one run, but it was an important run so I'm feeling at least a little bit discouraged. Here's to hoping that tomorrow's rest day recharges me before the 10 miles scheduled on Thursday...at least I know that one will not kill me since it's a regular ol' general aerobic run, no intervals, strideouts, or any other accelerations or harder paces.


Flo said...

Hey girl, just wanted to send you healthy, restful vibes. Sounds like you've had a bug coming on so take care of yourself, physically and mentally. Don't let a bad day or two get you down, especially when it's sick related. Hugs, sweetie.

TiredMamaRunning said...

Thanks, Flo! I think I'm feeling mostly normal now...just really tired. Glad it didn't take a turn for the worse or today's run would've REALLY sucked balls.