Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pfitz Week Four is History!

I think I'm FINALLY starting to settle down with this plan. I felt sort of backed into a corner for the first couple of weeks, but I'm working it out. I know it's just going to get tougher once the first six week period on the plan draws to a close, but it's supposed to be that way-I don't feel like I'm falling hopelessly behind on the first part of the plan anymore.

One thing I finally got right all this week-recovery runs at the proper pace. I was taking them WAAAAAAAAAAAY too fast during the first two weeks. I think that's only natural-I mean, really, who wants to slow from their moderately hard pace all the way down to a jog/easy run? That's what I thought when I started the plan. After a couple of rough mid-week medium long runs, though, I realized that there WAS a method to the madness and that the recovery runs SHOULD be done at a very easy pace. I did both recovery runs slowly this week, and I definitely felt the difference. There was no fatigue when I started the next hard run because I didn't wear myself out on the recovery run. Of course, this isn't rocket science-but I think that slowing down is one of the toughest things mentally for a runner to master. I'll keep working on this, and fight that urge to go faster on easy days.

Another note on the Pfitz plan, and the midweek run. I have a love/hate relationship with that medium long run. There's not enough time in the early morning for me to do it outdoors safely, and get home before kids start waking up. It's pushing 100 by early evening as well. So-off to the gym to run on the treadmill.

Ten miles is a LONG way to go on a gym treadmill. It's monotonous. It reeks in that place. I mentioned in another blog post that they NEVER pop open that door downstairs to pump the air out from the swamp cooler. And I'm dog tired before I even set foot in the gym at 7pm or so. This run is paying dividends, though, with my weekend long runs. I really can't believe it! While I will stop short of calling a 15 long run in the heat "easy," I felt strong out there yesterday. I was pretty tired by mile 13, but I knew I could finish strong, and wasn't ticking off the miles wishing to be done for the first 13. I don't know that the long runs would feel this good without the midweek run.

So, on to week five. My first schedule juggling occurs this weekend, but it's not much of a stretch. I'll be pacing the oldest kiddo in a local 5K on Saturday, and will treat that as my recovery run. My long run will shift ahead one day to Sunday. Those switches shouldn't be bad, in and of'll probably be the Monday evening run that becomes a bit challenging. Oh well, that which doesn't kill me makes me stronger (I hope)!


Ronster said...

Hey Kazz,
Good work!
I know what you mean about the mid-week runs and recovery pace. The mid-week runs are what keep me away from the Pfitz program. I fear injury when I run long too often, but they work for most runners.
But it IS important to go at the slow recovery pace for some of those weekly miles.
You'll see big improvement...

yumke said...

I'm also a devout follower of the Pfitzinger plan.. done the 18/55 for two marathons and now ramping up to 18/70...

Recovery runs are crucial. They should feel painfully easy.. I always have to force myself to go slow. harder than we think. good luck with your training