Saturday, April 12, 2008

I LOVE mopping.Not.

We're going to have a handful of friends over for Carter's fourth birthday party tomorrow afternoon, as well as an open house taking place at our old house....which MUST sell quickly. Otherwise, I may have to sell a kidney or two.

Since that doesn't sound too appealing, Frank and I did "divide and conquer" today. He took Alexis over to finish last minute cleaning details at the other place. I stayed behind with the other three, and MAN-vacuuming and mopping this place is a workout in and of itself. I can't wait until all the kids are old enough to be little worker bees, and do that stuff for me. ;)

It's done, though! Woohoo! That means I should be able to get in a run in a few more hours, just before the sun goes down. The weather has been crummy this week, but Saturday brought mostly clear skies and sunshine, so I am looking forward to getting out there. I've ALMOST shaken the nasty cold I've had for nearly two weeks-hopefully I can completely beat it out of my system later. Eight to ten miles would be fabulous. We'll see how much time I have, though, once I am out there.

Alexis will also go for a run with Frank-not sure if they will go just before or just after my run. She's got her season-ending Girls on the Run 5K in about three weeks, and she's an intense little runner at the ripe old age of almost nine. Her goal is a 27:00 5K, which would be a bit of a jump from her previous PR of 28:45. She is surprising each and every time she gets out there to run now, though, and seems to love racing, so I know not to count her out for anything, or discourage her from going for it.

We've talked Frank into doing the local Red Dress 5K Run the following weekend, which was started in jest as a response to the girls/women only 5K the weekend before. This event is billed as a men-only event (okay, they don't tackle or shoot women who line up for it, but you get the idea), costumes optional but encouraged, with awards for things like best dress and best legs.

He tried to talk himself out of it a day or two ago....but we're having none of that, and looking forward to cheering him on, and seeing how fast Dad can run when he's not pacing our child (and, um, wearing a dress.)

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